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Yudhisthira: Civilization And Transcendance (Glowing Flame Records, 2008)




Civilization And Transcendance


Glowing Flame Records




August 2008 / Week 35


Psychedelic Trance


Samples and Online Order

Glowing Flame Records Website


1. Reincarnation

2. Shakti

3. Fear Of Ignorance

4. Wild Princess

5. ... and then there is peace

6. Everything Is Energy (Rmx of Braincell)

7. On The Way To Mathura

8. Vishnu Suktam

9. Nara - Hari

Official ReviewEdit

In a time just about as near as it can to the right time, Glowing Flame records is pleased to finally present the outstanding psychedelic trance album by one of the landmarks of the many compilation albums and the well-known Glowing Flame sound - Yudhisthira. Civilization and transcendance is the first officially released full-length album of the most ancient duo of the Macedonian psychedelic trance scene, dating their first exhibitions back at the end of the nineties. This 'soup of a decade' of these two brilliant musical minds boiled at this seventy-five-minute saga that reflects the essence of the early Goatrance vibe, which initiated the Yudhisthira quest, and the latest discoveries during the most recent researches on the field of sound and spirit. It intertwines the full-power massive dance-floor mood with a strong transcendental message and a psychedelic sound without compromise, and being so exquisitely strong in its flavour, it leaves no space for anything else while present.

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