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VA - Wonderland


Various Artists


Wonderland - 2CD


Waldfrieden Events




January 2006


Progressive Trance


Waldfrieden Events

Waldfrieden Events Myspace


1. System 7 - Planet 7 (Son Kite Rmx)

2. Jaia - Orchestra 2.0

3. Liquid Soul - Go Reality

4. Analog Pussy - Future (Son Kite Rmx)

5. Zen Mechanics - Ground Control

6. Purple and Ronen - Hold On

7. Chris Pointdexter - Darkness (Ticon Rmx)

8. Xibalba - Kiss You

9. Reefer Decree - Gone for Good

10. SBK - Funky Fellow

11. Son Kite - On Air (Lemon8 Rmx)

12. Jaia - Out of Control

13. Kooler - Harold and Maud

14. Infusion - Love and Imitation

15. Minilogue - Little Sisters (D-Nox and Beckers Rmx)

16. Philo - Backflash

17. Tim Fishbeck - React

18. Fitalic - Bustanovice

19. PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable Rmx)

20. Polygen - Exotherm

21. Triple X - Time Crash (Slide Rmx)

22. Son Kite - Colours (Luke Chable Rmx)

23. Chable and Bonnici - Ride

Official ReviewEdit

The Festival Compilation mixed by Beauty and the Beat. Waldfrieden resident DJ team Beauty and the Beat, better known individually as Sally Doolally (UK) and Goetzlich (Germany), take you on a journey through the smoother side of Goa with their hypnotic fusion of trance. Their unique charisma has brought them to play for Earthcore, Exodus, Namaska and Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, Club 66 (Bali) and at parties and clubs all over Europe including trance festivals Dance-A-Delic (Belgium), Antaris-Project (Germany) and naturally at home in the magical woods of Wonderland.

Other Releases from Waldfrieden EventsEdit

VA - Waldfreakquenz 2 (2008)

VA - Waldfreakquenz (2005)

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