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VA - Tapasya (Omveda Records, September 2008)


Various Artists




Omveda Records




September 2008 / Week 38


Dark Psychedelic Trance


Samples and Online Order


1. Darkshire, Detonator - Micro Reactor (Minimal Edit)

2. Mind Game - Web Castle

3. Gappeq - Nucleus

4. Kerosene Club - Into the womb of Parvati

5. Gappeq - Gemini Project

6. Darkshire, Detonator - Freakdafunkup (rmx)

7. Braindrop - Braindrop

8. Spyrallus - Reconstructed

9. Psyboriginal - Divine Vision

Official ReviewEdit

From the Capital city of India OmVeda proudly presents its debut compilation Tapasya. A Tribute to Indian Spirituality! Tapasya - is the highest form of meditation. It is a sacred journey within. A reunion of body, mind and soul. It means the generation of energy. Tapasya is a spiritual glow caused by intense concentration to acquire power over things and make ourselves pure. Tapasya encompass 9 powerful twisted tracks essential for nature's dance floor. The deeper darker grooves is sure to keep you stirring and the sounds will elevate your mind into another dimension. It will help you become aware of your energy, and use it consciously to grow in strength and purity. Each track is an expression of the artist's individual spiritual awakening. Open your arms to a new world and your sight to new visions. Loose yourself to the sounds of vedic underground. Experience your own awakening. For music has no language barrier. Tapasya: a true psychedelic dance experience!

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