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VA - Set The Cruise (Cruise Control Records 2008)


Various Artists


Set The Cruise


Cruise Control




September 2008 / Week 40


Dark PsyTrance


Samples and Online Order


1. Guinea Pigs - Collision Course

2. Energyloop & Electrypnose - Fractal family

3. Naked Tourist - Immortal

4. Dragon - Reptilian Interface

5. Claw & Psychosis - Psychodynamics

6. Mister Black - Just the beginning

7. Eitonin - On the road

8. CPC - Schizofiltr

9. Atriohm - Katarza

Release InfoEdit

Talented artists from all over have made this release exceptional in letting you all explore...

...hidden planes of our existence. Various artists with their own unique and distinctive style of music take you to a place where the depths of darkness welcome you.

The compilation is a mix of artful sounds, forming into a psychedelic kaleidoscope. All of the tracks are melodiously insane, where you're cruising into a timeless existence.

Let the sounds of Cruise Control take you down the rabbit hole. Unreal yet it can be heard, can be seen and felt, it's when you get on the cruise, you shall find out.

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