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VA - Renew - Compiled by Reverse (Shivlink Records, September 2008)


Various Artists


Renew - Compiled by Reverse


Shivlink Records




September 2008 / Week 37


Full On


Samples and Online Order

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1. Tesseract - From past life (Intro)

2. Sygnosis - Drama Dose

3. Argon - Deep Sense

4. Mixed Emotions - Humanized Robot

5. 2 Minds - Black Out

6. Twisted Reaction vs Stargate-X - Jean Tonic

7. Decerto - Renew

8. ITP - Guatemala (Volcano rmx)

9. Time Zero vs Cyber Motion - To the freedom

10. Gothica - Predator

11. Reverse - The day after

12. Tesseract - Second Life (Outro)

Official ReviewEdit

Compiled by Reverse

Shivlink Records reiterates its stand as an entity that supports forthcoming psytrance artists with the new release - 'Renew'. The compilation comprises 10 phenomenal full-on tracks which have been carefully handpicked to promote the most promising new-age artists. Special chill based intro and outro tracks have been included to showcase the exemplary talent of Serbian project 'Tesseract'. As you may be aware, every day a new artist enters the vast electronic music arena - approaching labels, selling tracks and in search for bookings. With the release of 'Renew', Shivlink aims to create an audience for these quality musicians, whose promising talent is usually overlooked by millions of trancers!

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