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VA - Perceptions, debut release from Escape Records


Various Artists




Escape Records




August 2008, Week 32


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1. Mad Maxx - Unplugged

2. Xerox and Magnetica - Magnetic Force

3. Bionix - Fighting Shadows

4. Aquila - Biotech

5. E-Jekt and Inner Action - All The Ways

6. Magnetica - Searching

7. Ultravoice and Azax Syndrom - Ultrazax

8. XSI - Customers

9. Z-Machine - Nexus

10. Life Extension - Real Life

Official ReviewEdit

Escape Records is new french label created during the Spring 2008 by ADN and Chai. The policy of this new music label is akin to the styles trances at all genres, while keeping its own identity after the french electronic culture. This Compilation consists of present well-known psy trance projects that appear on a lot of compilations, DJ sets and live acts world wide, mainly Xerox, Ultravoice, E jekt, Inner Action, Z Machine, XSI, Life Extension.. Apart from that, the Compilation features some new but already well-known projects, Mad Maxx, Bionix, Aquila, Magnetica, that have all very quickly became known for a lot of killer tracks and live-acts. 'Perceptions' CD includes 10 pearl jams, carefully selected by DJ ADN and DJ Chai, all oriented perfectly to the dance floor, where they have been tested out successfully.. Don't miss it!

Other Releases from Escape RecordsEdit

No other Releases

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