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VA - Omnipresence (Vertigo Records, September 2008)


Various Artists




Vertigo Records




September 2008 / Week 37


Psychedelic Trance


Samples and Online Order

Label Website


1. Terrafractyl vs Quench - Sweet Enuff

2. Dejavu Fabrique - Airsimphony

3. Transdriver - Hedgehog (rmx)

4. Terrafractyl - Finely Space

5. Delirious Noon - Anybody

6. Sattel Battle - The House of Terrorizing Son

7. Delirious Noon - Brainbow

8. Mullet Mohawk - Rapinan Aivois

9. Sattel Battle - Fun Key Sin Thesis

10. Transdriver - Popperhnool

Official ReviewEdit

This release reflects Vertigo’s views on morning psychedelic sound today. Compilation consists of 10 tracks made by famous producers from Australia, Finland, Israel and Russia. These countries are very different, but the best quality sound is definitely omnipresent. And we can find it! All tunes carefully chosen from musicians freshest stuff, instead №2 “Air symphony” (made by Zolod aka Terminator, Burned Processor, etc.), that was already released on Déjà vu Records before, but on dark trance compilation, and many morning sound lovers missed it. Another well-known Russian dj and producer Alex Kovalev (aka Popper Hnool and Transdriver) presents new version of hypnotic masterpiece with samples taken from legendary 1975 soviet psychedelic cartoon “Hedge hock in the fog”.

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