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VA - New Blood II [Timecode 2008]


Various Artists


New Blood II






October 2008 / Week 43


Night Full On / Dark Psytrance


Samples and Online Order


1. [Principles Of Flight] Oblivion

2. [Artifakt, Lost And Found] Check Mate

3. [Rubix Qube] Enter the dojo

4. [Phyx] Freejack

5. [Cybernetix] Root Complex

6. [Evil Mistress] Evil Mistress

7. [EMP] Attack of the moose

8. [Tickets] Harpsicheek

9. [Pitch Hikers] 40 days

Release InfoEdit

Timecode presents a follow up to their 2004 release with New Blood II. Once again it's a full power compilation with a good selection of South African and international artists. New Blood II is the end result of a yearlong search for the most cutting-edge new talent the global scene has to offer. From the techy power of Principles of Flight's 'Oblivion' through to Pitch Hikers massive closer '40 days', New Blood II is an innovative and twisted journey that explores the limits of the sound Timecode has defined over the last 5 years. Label stalwarts Phyx, Tickets and Artifakt vs Lost and Found supply the dance-floor destroying continuity, while newcomers Cybernetix, Tryambaka, Rubix Qube and EMP add a generous dose of innovation that pushes the Timecode sound into a new, demented dimension. Guaranteed to get your blood boiling.

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