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VA - Leave A Drama


Various Artists


Leave A Drama


Pure Perception Records




August 2008


Progressive Trance


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1. Solead - Permutation

2. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama

3. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama (Solead edit)

4. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama (Moonbeam edit)

5. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama (Dsens edit)

6. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama (Astronivo edit)

7. Rick Pier O' Neil - Excess

8. Rick Pier O' Neil - Leave a Drama (Lunaspice edit)

9. N.A.S.A - Menage a Troi

Official ReviewEdit

Compiled by Kameleon and Labyrinth. For the second Pure Perception compilation we would like to present a different side of our vision. A cd made for the warm sun rays and late nights in the club. With an epic classic progressive house gem from Rick Pier O Neil with vocals from MangaDiva; and 5 remixes from some of the most talented progressive producers around the world, including; Moonbeam, Solead, Lunaspice, Astronivo, and Dsens. Each remix being very original and innovative and giving a whole new take on the original. All staying atmospheric, driving, and very danceable. Moving through deep sexy house, minimal, techno, progressive trance, and progressive psy, giving this track the ability to be played at many different points throughout the day or night. We are very honored to present all the bonus tracks as each is very original sounding yet keep with the theme of the whole cd very well. We have another original from RPO thats deep - driving and with his signature dirty basslines and hard hitting kicks, also an elegant Solead original that takes your mind to the beach with a very classy melody reminiscent of the early house days with an insanely grooved out bass, as well as the first track from N.A.S.A featuring his brand new sound of super groovy and uplifting melodic trance that keeps building till the very end taking your mind to another planet.

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