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VA - Into The Void (Underground Sound Promotions 2008)


Various Artists


Into The Void


Underground Sound Promotions




October 2008 / Week 40


Dark PsyTrance


Samples and Online Order


1. Ocelot - In form(s)

2. Ocelot - Decide (for) yourself

3. Baal - Cold Plain

4. Baal - Rite of passage

5. Kuluzik - Dusk

6. Polyzik - Left Right

7. Orephonia - To be

8. Xylamanda - Wasteland

9. Xylamanda - Assimilation

10. Aerofurious - Neuro Fusion

Release InfoEdit

This time Underground Sound Promotions invites you Into the Void.

Everything begins there and everything ends there. Through meditation you can reach a state of oneness with the Void through realizing that everything is consciousness. This allows you to use the Void for manifestation purposes and thus create the web of life. The Void is the force that unites creation and destruction - all things created come from the Void, all things that cease to exist are absorbed by the Void again.

This happens to everything - ideas, music, people, reality...once you merge your consciousness with that force, you enter into the sphere of magic, where anything is possible.

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