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VA - Chillum Vol.5 (Agitato Records, September 2008)


Various Artists


Chillum Vol.5


Agitato Records




September 2008 / Week 38




Samples and Online Order

Label Website


01. Counterpoint - Lost Eden

02. Digital Eclipse - Mind Isolation

03. Ailo - Musica Liquida

04. Space Buddha - Starchild

05. Digital Eclipse - Flame of desire

06. Spinal Chord - Oazis

07. Toast3d - Phenomenology of spirit

08. Ailo - Sparkle

09. Guro Nation - Critique of judgment

10. Beat Hackers - Life as s robot

Official ReviewEdit

The 5th Chillum compilation is ready to sweep you off with its natural beauty and atmosphere flow. All Chillum compilations, total 5 in number, are our magical intermission that surly required among the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century. The new Chillum vol.5 gives you the sensational transition to the high pick of the fresh and tranquil state of mind. Whether you are looking for a breakaway or for a mind resting or even for a smooth dreamy environment you will be immediately wrapped in the cozy - pampering sounds. As expected from the past Chillum compilations during the years, the artists that are involved in its creation are devoted to bring out and to share the most unique and authentic musical experiences. This Chillum vol.5 V/A includes tracks from Space Buddha, Beat Hackers, Toast3d, Digital Eclipse, Spinal Chord, Counterpoint and more. So press the Play button, lay back and take off.

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