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The Flash Brothers - Elements 003, double cd release from Baroque Records


The Flash Brothers


Elements 003


Baroque Records




August 2008, Week 32


Progressive House


Samples and Online Order


1. Kris Benton - Final Race (Flash Brothers rmx)

2. Dirty Dot - Heart of pain (Flash Brothers rmx)

3. Torro Remote - Hi Res (Flash Brothers rmx)

4. Thomas Sagstad - Castillian (Flash Brothers rmx)

5. Thomas Langner - One (Flash Brothers rmx)

6. Maxie Devine and Veerus - Automatik (Flash Brothers rmx)

7. Def Disco - Solpadine (Flash Brothers rmx)

8. Digital Shaw - Digital prostitute (Flash Brothers rmx)

9. Medway and Sven Hauck - Division (Flash Brothers rmx)

10. Soliquid - Defibrillator (Flash Brothers rmx)

Official ReviewEdit

Double CD! This package also includes a second disc with all the full versions So sit back and enjoy the flash brothers in full flow.. or road test these cuts in your sets with the unmixed dj friendly 2nd disc Baroque Records are excited and proud to present the third release in this unique series from Israeli production and dj outfit. The Flash Brothers! Three Israeli brothers, Ruven, Ilan and Shmuel Flaishler make up one of the hottest dance act and DJ teams.

Other Releases from Baroque RecordsEdit

BAQ-010 - Sergio Fernandez - Mob Rule (2008)

BAQ-009 - Tim Davidson - A Long Way From Home (2008)

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