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Suns Of Arqa - Cosmic Jugalbandi (Arka Sound Records 2008)


Suns Of Arqa


Cosmic Jugalbandi


Arka Sound




September 2008 / Week 40


Ambient / World Music


Samples and Online Order


1. Raga Bhupali

2. Raga Khammaj

3. Raga Puria Dhaneshri

4. Assane Folk Tune

5. Raga Bhairavi

6. Raga Misra Bilawal

7. Raga Khammaj

Release InfoEdit

Suns Of Arqa came into being in 1979, when Wada creator and leading light was guided to fulfil...

...a higher vision for the future of musicCosmic Jugalbandi is not only part of that vision but truly their most beautiful recording to date.

The album presents seven magical, authentic Indian raga's, all cosmically woven together by Wadada's deep bass lines.

Featuring India's master bamboo flautist Raghunath Seth - his playing can be heard on nearly every movie coming out of 'Bollywood'. On Cosmic' the heavenly tones of the flute jugalbandi(jugalbandi loosely translated from Sanskrit means duet) with New Delhi's 'All India Radio' star Johar Ali on violin.

Together with the UK's top producer John Leckie, they have produced the very best, east west crossover album ever! Where the scintillating drone and melodic catchphrases are carried by Wada's oozing reggae basslines, and then unintrusively dubbed out by Youth and Zion Train, this is full-bodied chunky chill/ambient dub for total pleasure.

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