Psn2cd027 b

R.S.A.G. - Organic Sampler [Psychonavigation 2008]




Organic Sampler






October 2008 / Week 44


Downtempo / Experimental


Samples and Online Order


1. Counting Down

2. Stick to your line

3. Talk back crawl back

4. The Climb

5. Days go by

6. Good Times (Don't be a fake)

7. It Over

8. Bad Seed

9. Moving Image

10. Tell it like it is

11. Moon movin the oceans

12. Irregular motion

13. I've been waiting

14. The rise of kin

15. Dwelling on the past

16. Dire State

17. Delayed Melody

Release InfoEdit

R.S.A.G. aka Jeremy Hickey is a multi-instrumentalist who records, performs and produces all his own material. 'Organic Sampler', which is musically many steps further and sideways, and the genesis of the new visual experience - sound and vision hand in hand - a multi-media rock and roll cornucopia; the future is here - look and listen. Live R.S.A.G. plays drums / percussion and sings. The backing tracks are recorded in his studio. Visually, he has created a virtual band which is projected on a screen behind him. Think of Joy Division, Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, New York rockers, ESG with the visual impact of the Gorillaz. But rather than the use of animation, he aspires to a sort of shadowplay; a show of silhouettes of himself, which he utilises on disc. Think of what DJ Shadow done on his live tour of The Private Press. The impact that visual representation can have on a live show. This is so much more than just music, it is a friendly, full-sensory virus with no known cure. Get the illness soon, you deserve it.

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