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Mandalavandalz - King Of The Bad Trips (6 Dimension Soundz, September 2008)




King Of The Bad Trips


6 Dimension Soundz




September 2008 / Week 37


Psychedelic Trance / Suomi / Experimental


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Label Website


1. Manboobs

2. Bacillus Subtilis

3. Kromosomatic

4. Whos the ricefield now?

5. The Crossroads

6. Space

7. Jullen Polkka

8. King of the bad trip

9. Mutilate

10. Kaapiaiden Aarre

11. Pollardz Pickelz

12. Aspergillus Oryzae

13. Elaezeibani

14. Singen takeda (kofu temple remix)

15. Everything is love

Official ReviewEdit

6 Dimension Soundz are proud to announce the release of 'King of the Bad Trips' by stable favorites Mandalavandalz. A major breakthrough in the art of sheer madness, 'King of the Bad Trips' is Mandalavandalz 5th album release. Since their preceding album with 6D-Soundz 'Poison Machine' released 3 years ago these giants of psychedelic mayhem have won the hearts and spangled the minds of the forest loving kichigai community. 5 albums is a lot of music to have put together and this album keeps on racking up and cracking fans expectations. With leaps of bass and bounds of drums, Mandalavandalz have kept on making their byzantinelly unique and spaced out original tracks. None of their fans are going to want to miss out on King of the Bad Trips!

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