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Hibernation - Some Things Never Change [Aleph Zero 2008]




Some Things Never Change


Aleph Zero




October 2008 / Week 44


Ambient / Downtempo / Experimental


Samples and Online Order


1. Melt

2. Trickle

3. Lazy Radio

4. Empty Cities

5. Glitch Police

6. Are you sure?

7. Reflect

8. Beautiful Sky

9. Seven Steps

10. Some things never change

11. The littlest computer

12. Reflected

13. The art of living and dying

14. Colours

Release InfoEdit

Aleph Zero is proud to offer a new chilling treat from Hibernation, the new project of Seb Taylor the master of Electronic music responsible for well known projects such as Angel Tears, Kaya Project, Shakta, Digitalis and more. We asked Seb to go places he never went to before, and he came back with Some Things Never Change, Hibernation's debut album. It is a mix of downtempo electronica touching many genres and styles. Seb mixes here Lounge, Glitch, IDM, Psychill, Breaks, Ambient and more, and the outcome is something special, a new sound. It is a more experimental sound, quirky glitchy warm downtempo electronic music. Expect Seb's usual syncopated grooves and strong atmospherics with an additional unexpected edge. Chillout with a twist.

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