Ekoplex - Journey of The Turtle (Ektoplazm Netlabel 2008)

Artist: Ekoplex

Title: Journey of The Turtle

Label: Ektoplazm

Catalog: EKT-003

Date: 12 August 2008

Style: Psychedelic Trance

Web: Free Download!


01. Into The Unknown (7:13)
02. Fizzgig (6:57)
03. Graxon (7:06)
04. We've Been Watching You (6:51)
05. Druid Walker (7:10)
06. Modoc (6:52)
07. Quantillion X (6:58)
08. Journey Of The Turtle (6:43)
09. Mount At-Ak (7:04)
10. Beautiful Rainbow (6:48)

Official ReviewEdit

Journey Of The Turtle is the full-length debut from Ekoplex (Ray Vincent), one of Canada’s most well-respected psytrance producers. Infused with an original style and unmistakable energy, this album flows through dark and driving techtrance, quirky melodic full-on, and richly atmospheric progressive to arrive at an inspiring downtempo finale. Versatile and unconventional, Journey Of The Turtle is designed to flourish in a wide variety of settings, from the festival dance floor to your home stereo. To ensure the best possible sound quality, this album has been mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios, Germany.

Journey Of The Turtle is released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. This is the third official release on the Ektoplazm new media label. Both the MP3 and lossless packages are available for free download—and for those who still make use of physical media there is a CD version for sale as well! If you like this, be sure to check out Ekoplex’s Enter The Dragon EP, also available from Ektoplazm.

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