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Bigabo - The Last Liquid (Psy Core Records, September 2008)




The Last Liquid


Psy Core Records




September 2008 / Week 36


Full On


Samples and Online Order

Psy Core Records Website


1. Cycle Sphere vs Bigabo - The last liquid (Live Mix)

2. Bigabo vs Dynamic - Biga Ben

3. Cycle Sphere vs Eskimo - Call it what you want (Bigabo rmx)

4. Bigabo - Chemistry

5. Bigabo - Yakuza

6. Bigabo - Bigabox

7. Bigabo - Eskimo Limon Chocolate

8. Bigabo - Liquid Logic

9. Bigabo vs Switch - Out of service

10. 1200 Mics vs Electro Nation - Lets get cosmic (Bigabo rmx)

Official ReviewEdit

Isreali Producer and DJ Bigabo brings his first Artist Album, Liquid Logic to Psy-Core Records. Bigabo has had a string of releases over the last 5 years on many various Artists Albums, but now signed to Psy-Core he presents a selection of Killa full power tunes including remixes, collaborations and Solo productions. With many of the worlds top producers including Dynamic, Eskimo, Cycle Sphere, Switch, 1200 Micrograms and Electro Nation having an input into Liquid Logic this Acid drenched slice of Psy-Trance is the perfect recipe for Full power dance floors across the Globe.

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